Saturday, May 4, 2013

Beauty And Floral

Hi everyone ! I'm back ,sorry for long time , i have not post anything in my blog, because the other day when I was stricken with severe flu illness. Very unwell, but today I was able to recover and post again yeay * screaming *: D Today I'm going to post my outfit today, while I put my camera konica minolta hehe and sorry a bit blurry


 Today I'm wearing floral shorts, sleeveless shirts, vintage handbags, and flatshoes.I'm dressed like this after coming home from church, to church when I do not wear clothes like this, if I wear clothes like this means I'm not rude to church. wear this when I'm relaxing time just like going to the mall or to a different place, day I chose this simple fashion alone but still vintage and modern

sleeveless shirt from Singapore~ Floral shorts from Clas Style shop ~ Flatshoes from VNC ~ Vintage bag , no brands but it from my grandma ~ HandWatch from miniature watch ~ bracelet from Jerusalem 

Thanks for Read my post , see you at next post :)



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