Saturday, May 4, 2013

Beauty And Floral

Hi everyone ! I'm back ,sorry for long time , i have not post anything in my blog, because the other day when I was stricken with severe flu illness. Very unwell, but today I was able to recover and post again yeay * screaming *: D Today I'm going to post my outfit today, while I put my camera konica minolta hehe and sorry a bit blurry


 Today I'm wearing floral shorts, sleeveless shirts, vintage handbags, and flatshoes.I'm dressed like this after coming home from church, to church when I do not wear clothes like this, if I wear clothes like this means I'm not rude to church. wear this when I'm relaxing time just like going to the mall or to a different place, day I chose this simple fashion alone but still vintage and modern

sleeveless shirt from Singapore~ Floral shorts from Clas Style shop ~ Flatshoes from VNC ~ Vintage bag , no brands but it from my grandma ~ HandWatch from miniature watch ~ bracelet from Jerusalem 

Thanks for Read my post , see you at next post :)
Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Fashion Street

Hi i'm back :) I'm doing this photoshoot today , today my photography is my best friend , Cindy Angelina *kisses*, Thankyou for be my photography today :)I edit in Adobe Photoshop, sorry I'm not editing expert hehehe..

I have this shirt and my skirt from my mom when she go to mall in Jakarta, i think the bird print's skirt is so cute , i think my mom have a good taste of fashion , thankyou mom .The necklace is from my aunt and she bought this necklace from China when she's holiday

high heels from marie claire
Thank's for read my post, see yoou at next post <3


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