Saturday, April 27, 2013


 Hi, my name is Clarisa, I'm 13th years old.I'm from Indonesia.I'm new fashion blogger,my favorite blogger are sonia eryka,anastasia siantar and clara devi . this   is my first post, hope you like my blog :) i'm take my picture with my iPhone 5 and my camera digital ,I'm so excited for my first blog in here, My first ever wanted to create a blog but I could not make it hmm  I really love fashion, I love the pastel-themed fashion, vintage and girly. For my first post, photograph by my sister, sorry its a bit blurry photo hehehe :) I'm not good writer but I hope you are satisfied with my post


Summer is arrived, i love the colour of summer is cute.In my first post, i choose turquouis for my studd tank, and short pants ,when I was opening olshop, I find this tank top, I am very interested in this tank top, I found it in I get these shorts from Satch products, from australia. I love these shorts, very comfortable and convenient to use anywhere,My shoes is from charles and keith . So glad , could share about this my mixmatch fashion :) 
Thx for read my post,See You At My Next Post :) Xx



Hello everyone , welcome to my blog:) if you want contact me at:
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you free to ask about fashion and others, let's be friend :)

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